World CISO day

Nominate your CISO

World CISO Day is not only about sharing knowledge and learning from other CISOs, but most importantly it is about thanking them for the work they do and of course - reminding them what it is like to have fun!
This year we have a nice surprise prepared for CISOs around the world! But first of all, we would like to ask you a question! Have you ever thought that your CISO could have been a rockstar, or maybe a chef? Funny right?  Because we all have hidden talents, on World CISO Day 2022 we would like to celebrate those!
We would like to ask everyone to nominate their favourite CISO, by Monday, the 28th of November. You just have to fill in this form, including that person's hobby and a message!
And then we will print an awesome T-shirt and send it to your CISO saying
"I am in security, but I could have been a ? (their hobby - e.g. beekeeper)"