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July 21, 2022

World CISO Day over the years

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We are very happy to be back and kick off with the first blog post ever dedicated to World CISO Day, a day that history will remember! 

Many of you have witnessed the dawn of this day, as well as many of you became a part of the consecutive celebration. With this blog, we would like to rewind back and remember how we celebrated World CISO Days in previous years, and for those who are new here, to give an idea of what it is like to be part of this day!

It began back in 2020. That year, Zerocopter and other companies decided to start writing history by celebrating the first World CISO Day on the 2nd of December. Over the years of working closely with security officers, the initiators have noticed that CISOs, due to the nature of their work,  often have to deal with the pressure and stress that comes with this job. That’s when Zerocopter and other companies decided that it was time to remind CISOs that their work could also be fun and also to make sure that their work is being recognised. That's when the initiators came up with the idea to create the date to not only give appreciation to CISOs and thank them for the amazing job they do, but, most importantly, “to have fun, be with your peers, beers, pizza” as Edwin van Andel said.  

So what did we do in the previous years? For the past two years, we needed to deal with the consequences of the pandemic, and therefore host the celebrations online. Nevertheless, we successfully managed to mark the date and celebrate!

World CISO Day 2020

The very first World CISO Day consisted of a few amazing workshops from the amazing hosts: Jilles Groenendijk, hardware hackers, who gave a workshop on how to tinker with the hardware. Next to him, we had Jos Weyers on board, a World Champion Lock Impressionner, who revealed everything about lock picking. After some fun and useful insights during the workshops, we had a great panel, formed by Luisella ten Pierik, Ian Amit, Don Eijndhoven, and Ori Fragman    who shared with us more about their jobs as security guardians of the cyber galaxy.

If you would like to look back at that year’s celebration or get acquainted with the first World CISO Day, you can do it by checking the video below. 

World CISO Day 2021

During the second edition of the World CISO Day, we have decided to give a possibility to the colleges and friends of the CISOs to nominate their organisation’s security officers and properly thank them! The idea behind the celebration was all about taking a moment to relax while performing the very well known ritual - having a cup of coffee. We have created a gift box with a very special coffee - the Zerocopter hackers coffee, made by ethical hackers, for ethical hackers. Next to that, security officers could find the personalised message on the gift card with all the warm words and greetings from fellow colleagues and friends!

It is unfortunate that the era of the World CISO Days started off online, but we are in full speed preparing for this year's celebration, and we are looking forward to seeing you all there! 

Curious to know what it is going to be this year? Stay tuned for the upcoming blog! 

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